This page presents historical information on the Thunder Ranch RSK. Visit Rock West Racing for information on the currently available RW RSK kit.

Type 718 RSK Spyder


The changes we have made to the 718RSK are as follows:

1. 550 Frame The 550 frame allows a low doorsill can be maintained for easy ingress or egress.

2. 550 Instrument Pod The instrument pod and curved cowl allows the use of street needed gauges.

3. 550 Windshield The 550/Speedster windshield is street safety glass and DOT legal. This glass, frame, seals and hardware are readily available and fit the RSK styling. Optional plexi windscreens are available upon request.

4. Rear Body Solid The body section oft of the firewall is solid and laminated with the rest of the body at the time of manufacture. This simplifies the construction, bodywork and prevents any possibility of unintended engine cover “fly- up”. There is a trunk like lid over the engine bay that provides quick easy access to engine and transaxle.

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