This page presents historical information on the Thunder Ranch RSK. Visit Rock West Racing for information on the currently available RW RSK kit.

Type 718 RSK Spyder

front lawn rsk

The RS series followed the world class winning 550. In 1957, the factory decided that the 550 Spyder had reached 100% of its potential now sporting a space frame and a power output of 135 horsepower.

The new car was called the RSK. RS for Rennsport and K for the shape of the front suspension. The type 718 was born. The first car was a 1500 cc single seater that raced in formula 2 events winning in Rheims, France in 1958 while driven by Jean Behra. The suspension changed and the motor was increased to 1600 with 148 bph.

rear lawn rsk

In 1960 the K was dropped from the nomenclature of this series and RS60 then RS61, and RS62 were used for this type 718 race car. About 16 of the cars were built,four were factory race cars. No private owner street cars were ever built.

Thunder Ranch has decided to replicate this racing legend with modifications to the original race car styling that allows the replica to be used on the street. We utilize our T.R. 550 frame as designed by Chuck Beck with only one cross member moved forward slightly to allow the panel from dash to floor to cover it as it does in the 550. After we make the frame it is powder coated and then our hand laid DPCD blended polyester body is bonded to the frame with adhesive and rivets. The hood, engine cover, and doors are hand fitted with new or hand made hardware.

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