The Riot

Riot at show

The RIOT is an original design created here at Thunder Ranch. The concept of the car is to create the most dramatic body style that is easily home built, affordable and exciting to drive. This unique California design was chosen by the producers of Baywatch to be Hobie’s cool television ride. Kit Car Illustrated featured the RIOT on its February 97 cover and wrote a very accurate article about its creation. This kit builds as fast as any kit car and uses a stock length VW pan or a custom tube frame for mid-engine applications.

Tim Hefling Riot

The front body is supported by a Thunder Ranch frame extension, and the rear body is supported by a box section laminated into the body at the time the body is molded. A gas tank and gas tank support are also supplied. The dash board is a separate piece with a blank gauge area capable of mounting up to 8 instruments. A 1″ round tube bar is bonded into the body under the dash and mounts the steering column. Since VW incorporated several styles of steering columns, the fastening methods will have to made by you. A bar is positioned across the RIOT body under the dash for the various columns to be fastened to. A domestic tilt column can also be adapted to the RIOT.

The Riot components and tooling have been purchased by Nathan Wratislaw.
You may contact Nathan at:

VIDEO:The successful television series Baywatch featured the RIOT in an episode wherein the car is to be presented as a gift but is subsequently stolen and recovered. This is a 3.2MB MPEG file.Palm Dessert

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