2008 A.H.A. / Knotts Show
Trophy Winners!

2008 American Handcrafted Auto Show
Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park CA

Dear Friends,

The 29th Annual A.H.A. Knotts Berry Farm Show was held April 26th and 27th. Thunder Ranch, it’s customers and friends were eleven spaces strong again this year, with Thunder Ranch taking three of the eleven.  Thunder Ranch exhibited Ed Muscats’ beautifully turned out 550A-6 in seal gray with two polar silver stripes. The engine is a 2.4L Porsche 911 with ten braided lines for oil cooling. It included a 901/914 side-shift 5-speed, 6×16 & 7×16 Fuchs shod in Bridgestone Potenza S-02s. The other two Ranch cars were Mike McAllister’s “put on your sunglasses” yellow Speedster, and a fully assembled Speedster frame which was used to demonstrate the engineering and build quality you get in all Ranch cars.


On our way to Knott’s…thanks Road One!

Chuck Hirsch had his #1 Thunder Ranch Speedster there. Chuck takes great pride in his car, which looked as good now as it did when he took delivery.  I brought my ’34 mid-engine Roadster…again. My friend, Steve Chadwick, brought his Cheeta…not finished again, but on the final path. The frame is finished, now powder-coated in yellow with the rear body section in primer, the C-5 Corvette suspension is in, and a proud smile’s on Steve’s face. Smitty, another good friend, stayed only Saturday with his 1969 Karman Ghia with the 944 motor and transaxle in the wrong location for VWs. The car is silver, gold, bronze, and green. Smitty’s crazy.

Tom's 34

Best Paint at Knott’s AHA 2008 (Tom’s ’34)

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