Kit Car Builder, February 2005

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By Jim Youngs

There are only four Porsche Speedster replicas that we can think of available today that are built on tubular steel chassis- Thunder Ranch’s new model shown here, Specialty Autoworks’ Subaru- powered model, Intermeccanica, and Street Beasts- and Tom McBurnie has his fingerprints on at least two of them. Early in the Street Beasts Speedster project (actually a fairly recent reincarnation of the origfinal Classic Motor Carriages kit) McBurnie was enlisted to develop the prototype tube frame. He uses a similar, yet significantly modified and substantially beefed- up confinguration of that foundation on his new bathtub model. This new car is only available as a tube- chassis vehicle in fact, with the touted benefits of more strength, reduced weight and better durability over the more conventional method of building these replicas on venerable,shortened VW Bug pan platforms.

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