Tom McBurnie

Success breeds success and Tom soon builds the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 (Daytona) replica based on a Corvette chassis which soon becomes a centerpiece of the ’80s television show “Miami Vice”. Additional information on this topic may be found in the book “Daytona” by Pat Braden and Gerald Roush.


John Candy stars in the film “Delirious” in 1991 and somehow manages to stuff his bulk into a McBurnie replica of the Ferrari 250 GTO two of which were made available to the filmmakers.

The SEMA Best New Product Award for 1995 is given to Tom’s 1934 Roadster featuring a mid-engine Oldsmobile Aurora V-8. This car was featured in a 6 month series of articles in Street Rodder Magazine who judged the ’34 Aurora Lightening Roadster one of the 25 best hot rod products for the 90’s.

34 front

Tom and his handiwork are once again the topic of discussion in Street Rodder Magazine when his Prolong-Ford sponsored ’34 Linda Vaughn roadster appears on the cover as the feature article in the July ’97 issue.

vaughn 34

We are indeed fortunate that Tom McBurnie is no longer a Designer for General Electric’s Defense System Department for which we should thank both the sangria and bulls of Pamplona.

VIDEO: A 2.3MB MPEG file showing the demise of Don Johnson’s Miami Vice Daytona. In subsequent episodes Don pilots a Testarossa supplied by the Ferrari factory. Miami Vice

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