“The 250 GTO”

GTO cover shot

This Tom McBurnie design is inspired by the classic racing Ferrari 250 GTO a Le Mans winner, hill climb champion, and a real legend in motor racing history. This was one of the last street/race cars. After its dramatic racing career the 250 GTO was coined “The last of the purebred racing cars”. The legend holds today! You too can own this GTO Coupe by building it on your Datsun 240, 260 or 280 Z car. This conversion kit requires only a few modifications to your Datsun and assembly building time is between 150 to 175 hours.



Rear section                                                           Rocker panels
Front nose                                                              Wiper board cowl
Front hood                                                              Rear hatch trim
2 Rear quarter window panels                                   Dash board
2 Door skins                                                           1 Defroster vent control cover

Body / Frame: steel & fiberglass                              Curb Weight: 2,637 lbs.
Weight Distribution: 46 / 54                                     Wheel Base: 90.7″
Track, Front / Rear: 56.0/59.5                                  Ground Clearance: 5.0″
Length: 17.5′ Height: 49.0″                                       Fuel Capacity: 17.5 gal.

Engine/drivetrain/suspension/performance depends upon your desired performance results. The Z cars are easy to adapt either small block Fords or Chevrolets, even a Northstar motor from the Oldsmobile Aurora or Cadillac would make a great motor swap.

VIDEO: In 1991 John Candy and Margo Hemmingway starred in the movie “Delirious” in which one of the featured elements in the film was the Tom McBurnie 250 GTO (actually two identical cars were used). This 3MB MPEG file is a small sample of the GTO footage contained in this Paramount Release.  Delirious

VIDEO: A nice piece of work showing the GTO romping through the unpaved roads of what appears to be Palm Desert. A 5MB MPEG file. Palm Dessert

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