This page presents historical information on the Thunder Ranch 904. Visit Rock West Racing for information on the currently available RW GTS kit.

904 Coupe

904 left side

The suspension is proprietary double “A” arms all around with a reinforced W arm for both lowers rears, aluminum coil over adjustable shocks absorbers with sway bar mounts for optional more aggressive suspension. The brakes are Wilwood calipers four piston front and rear, dual master cylinders, and stainless hard and soft lines. The front rotors are vented and drilled 944’s and rears  drilled proprietary discs. The rack and pinion is also 944 with double universal joints to the steering column. The clutch brake and accelerator pedals are adjustable; the steering wheel varies only with different. adaptor lengths or dished steering wheels.

904 right door904 center support9904 engine bay

The 911 motor/transaxle mounts about 2” lower in the chassis than the original, therefore the three to one exhaust must sneak through the suspension over half shafts and CV joints which is a close fit. The CV joints vary depending upon the motor/transaxle combination as does the shifter with either a double cable or rod and universals.

904 right front904 dashboard

We build each T.R. 904/6 to our customer specifications with their color, wheel configuration, suspension/brake options and engine/transaxle choices. Our chassis is rigid, the suspension tuned, very low c.g., incredible brakes and of course the Thunder Ranch fit and finish, quality you would expect and 1,530 pounds that you may not have.  The T.R.904/6, is now available thanks to Brant, customers and employees for a job well done.  It has taken over four years to develop but it has been worth the wait.

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