This page presents historical information on the Thunder Ranch Spyder. Please visit Rock West Racing for detailed information on the currently available RW Spyder kit.

550 Spyder

550 Kit Information


550 frame

BASIC 550 KIT : Assembled body, molded and mounted to frame. Includes hood, doors, and rear engine cover hinged and latched. Frame is duplicate of original 3″ tube frame with adjustable front torsion housing welded to the chassis with rear suspension consisting of 26mm torsion bars and adjustable spring plates: $TBA

DELUXE 550 KIT : Adds the following to the Basic 550 Kit:
Complete windshield assembly                              Inside rear view mirror
3 gauge instrument cluster                                    Headlight assemblies
Park and tail light assemblies                                Wiring harness (includes switches)
Complete shift linkage for transaxle                        New fuel tank & cap
Clutch system                                                      Rear grill (pair)
Chrome wheels (4)                                                Upholstered seats
Chrome hub caps (4)                                             Carpet set
4 into one exhaust system                                     $TBA

550 A


Beck 550A is a new body configuration allowing a larger front/rear wheel size, 6″ wheels in front and 7″ wheels in the rear. Additionally the rear body section comes with the 550A air inlets and an optional headrest. $TBA (add to the Basic 550 Kit price)


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