This page presents historical information on the Thunder Ranch Spyder. Please visit Rock West Racing for detailed information on the currently available RW Spyder kit.

550 Spyder



Frank & Diane Mulinex of Phoenix, Arizona bought Thunder Ranch’s first 550 kit. In September 1996 they assembled it themselves, and painted it black in their driveway. This year Frank and Diane exhibited their black Beck 550 at the AHA show at Knott’s Berry Farm, Anaheim CA. where their workmanship was rewarded with a first place trophy for the best Porsche replica. Over the years Chuck Beck terrorized the kit car competition with his red 550 defeating all cars with the same engine size and most of the large bore cars except the most exotic. The Beck 550 means vintage race car styling, quality inexpensive touring, and super performance. Typical performance figures with the S.J. 1915 engine is 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds with a top speed over 125 mph and skidpad results of 0.96g with Michelin specified tires.

ARTICLE: Windblown Witness, August 1999, a visit to Thunder Ranch by Emmet Wolfe.

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