This page presents historical information on the Thunder Ranch Spyder. Please visit Rock West Racing for detailed information on the currently available RW Spyder kit.

550 Spyder

Aaron 550

A stunning example of our 550. Built and photographed by Aaron Aslanian

Forty years after its heralded unveiling, this Porsche legend lives on in the 550 Spyder, by Thunder Ranch which we have been producing since 1995. From the hand-fabricated 3″ diameter steel tube frame to the original mid-engine concept, this outstanding reproduction of the 1955, 550 Spyder is faithful to the meticulous detailing and spirit of Dr. Porsche‚Äôs original design.


At Thunder Ranch we believe that if you are going to build a legend, make every effort to live up to its history.

We have worked hard to do just that.

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