This page presents historical information on the Thunder Ranch Speedster. Please visit Rock West Racing for detailed information on the currently available RW Speedster kit.

356 Speedster


Turnkey built Thunder Ranch 356 Speedsters are powered by new SCATâ„¢ manufactured engines. Thunder Ranch offers a 1865cc – 110hp or a 2275cc – 150hp air cooled engine. Either powerplant combined with the standard 3.88 four speed manual transmission enables the Thunder Ranch 356 Speedster to be classified as a “Freeway Flyer”!

In addition, Thunder Ranch has developed a proprietary full functioning fan, shroud and alternator. This optional accessory is highly recommended because it is designed to aid in engine cooling to insure optimal engine performance, and it looks cool too!


Each Thunder Ranch 356 Speedster body is manufactured in our California facility allowing us to monitor and control the quality of each and every automobile we build. Since we do not rely on imported pieces from foreign countries but use our own precise, proprietary 356 molds, we are insured of producing exacting tolerances for a perfect fit of the doors, bumpers, trunk and engine covers.

The construction process includes hand laid mat and cloth and composites utilizing a special blend DPCD polyester resin. High stress points like the engine compartment and rocker panels are additionally reinforced. These manufacturing processes, combined with our high standards of quality and attention to detail, produce a Thunder Ranch 356 Speedster body far superior to any VW pan based product.

Thunder Ranch