This page presents historical information on the Thunder Ranch Speedster. Please visit Rock West Racing for detailed information on the currently available RW Speedster kit.

356 Speedster

Price List
Basic Kit
Body & frame, front & rear bumpers mounted. Doors hinged & latched. Hood & engine covers hinged. Windshield fitted. Holes for lights, handles, gauges, and emblems cut and marked. Door and dashboard trim
Deluxe Kit* (see additional parts list below)
Do It Yourself Kit plus (4) 5 1/2″ x 15″ chrome Mangel wheels, upholstered Speedster seats, Square Weave carpet, door & dash panels, top, top frame, top boot, side curtains & badges.
Turn Key Built
Due to the variety of options i.e. fan/shroud kit, choice of 1865cc or 2275cc engines, GT style kit, tires, racing mirrors, rollbars, exhaust systems, as well as personally requested customizations, exact price is by quote.



We believe our product is superior to any other 356 Speedster available today. Picture yourself in a Thunder Ranch 356 Speedster. Not only will you notice and feel the difference, but so will the admiring on lookers when it’s parked in your driveway, stopped at a red light, or parked in front of your favorite coffee house!

When you purchase a Thunder Ranch 356 Speedster we guarantee in writing your kit or turnkey build car will include the highest quality materials and workmanship, provide you with extreme driving pleasure, and possess unrivaled authenticity.

Thunder Ranch