This page presents historical information on the Thunder Ranch Speedster. Please visit Rock West Racing for detailed information on the currently available RW Speedster kit.

356 Speedster


A Thunder Ranch 356 Speedster guarantees the highest quality components and workmanship, as well as superb performance, and pure driving fun!

In September of 1954 Porsche introduced the 356 Speedster to the American marketplace. The light weight, bare to the bones example of the 356 line of automobiles soon became an American racer-boy icon, often winning SCCA races in stock trim. Fifty years later, our introduction of the Thunder Ranch 356 Speedster faithfully reproduces Dr. Porsche’s original design while introducing innovation and state of the art engineering to the reproduction marketplace.

Owner of more than 13 original Speedsters, Tom McBurnie has committed to building 356 Speedsters with the same quality, performance and authenticity as his other award winning creations.

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The foundation of each Thunder Ranch 356 Speedster is a new powder coated full tubular frame. This proprietary design is used to insure proper chassis strength, reduce weight, and maximum durability of each Thunder Ranch 356 Speedster. A used 50 year old VW pan was never considered for use in this exquisite Thunder Ranch replica.

The Thunder Ranch 356 Speedster, the newest edition to the “corral”, possesses features and appointments not found in other Speedsters. These outstanding features, whether standard or as options, give the Thunder Ranch 356 Speedster distinct advantages over a VW based version.

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